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Three Ways For Professional Sports Teams To Use Personal Security Officers

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Professional sports teams employ security personnel to fulfill a number of roles, but it's also advantageous for these organizations to use trained personal security officers. Doing so is a good way to protect the investment that franchises make in their players. While security staff can perform various duties around the stadium, such as ensuring that only those with access can enter certain areas, trained personal security professionals can be effective for working closely with the players to keep them safe. Here are three ways that professional sports teams can use personal security officers.

Escorting Players After Games

Generally, professional sports franchises have private parking lots in which players park so that they can get in and out of their vehicles without interference from fans or other individuals. However, when players leave the stadium, they'll drive out of this secured lot, where some fans may be waiting for them. Given their extensive training in defensive driving, personal security officers can either drive a team's star athletes home from the stadium in secure vehicles or follow athletes as they drive themselves to ensure that they get home safely.

Helping At Player Appearances

Many professional athletes make appearances at sponsorship events, such as signing autographs at a local sporting goods store or teaching a children's clinic at a local park. These environments can be unpredictable, and while most people are there to have a good time, the team should be mindful of protecting its player. One or more security personnel can be instrumental in this scenario, shadowing the player throughout his or her appearance and keeping any threats at bay. These officers don't need to be dressed in black suits and wearing sunglasses, as you often see in movies. Instead, the guard could be wearing khakis and a team-branded polo shirt so as to simply appear as a team staff member.

Protecting Trophies

Personal security officers may usually focus on protecting people, but they can also be instrumental in protecting assets. Championship-winning teams often have their trophies on display, and these trophies may appear at different events at which there are large gatherings of fans. Having one or more officers assigned to protect a team's trophies is a good idea. They can remain beside the trophy, regardless of where it's going and what it will be used for, to ensure that nothing unfortunate occurs.

A local personal security service can talk to you about your team's needs and can then help develop a plan on how you can best make use of its trained personnel.