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3 Different Levels Of Security Provided By TSCM Services

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When you run a business, you have to be careful about what information gets out. If you work in a business field where you are trying to protect the information, you need to have a technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) service to help keep all of your information safe and secure from outside spies who want to take your business information and use it to their own advantage.

When it comes to TSCM services, there are three different kinds of security that are provided. The three different kinds of security are physical security, communication security, and information technology security.

#1: Physical Security

At the most basic level is physical security. For physical security, a TSCM team will look for any signs that a person or place is being watched by someone. In order to establish this, a team will do things such as sweep for radio frequencies with a scanner to see if any bugs are placed in your space. They will also do things like using X-ray machines to look through walls for surveillance technology. They will physically go through your business and even your home to look for physical signs that you are being watched.

#2: Communication Security

A TSCM team can work on securing all of your communication devices. They will check all landlines to make sure that they are not being tapped. They will check your smartphones and tablets to make sure that spyware is not enabled on your phones. They will make sure that no one has duplicated your phone. They will even make sure that your fax machines have not been compromised.

In addition to making sure that your communication devices have not been compromised, they will put systems in place to prevent them from being compromised in the future.

 #3: Information Security

The third type of security that a TSCM team can implement is information security. This is often the broadest and most-encompassing service they offer. They will work through your network, computers, and software and make sure that none of them can be hacked or used to gather information about your business.

If you fear that your business may be being spied on, you need to work with a TSCM service in order to secure your physical site, communication devices, and information against espionage. If you need security that goes beyond physical protection, then a TSCM service may be for you. 

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