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4 Smart Reasons To Check Your Fire Alarm Protection System Yearly

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A fire alarm is an important safety tool for any business. It is vitally important to have a working fire alarm in your business. A working fire system will help keep your employees and your customers safe, which is why you should have your entire firm alarm detection system tested at least once a year by a professional who understands how business fire alarm protection systems work.

Smart Reason #1: You Are Legally Required to Take Care of Your Fire Alarm System

In most areas, there are laws that require you to carry current certification that your fire alarm protection system is working properly. This shows that you are meeting the required building code obligations that you have to follow. You need to get your fire protection system inspected by a professional at least once a year so you can maintain compliance with the law.

Smart Reason #2: Protect Your Insurance Rates

Second, your insurance company is going to want evidence not only that you have a fire alarm system in place, but that the fire alarm system works. The best way to show that the system works is by a certification from a fire alarm service. You can share this certification with your insurance company to prove you have met the standards for maintaining your insurance.

Smart Reason #3: Protect Your Liability

Additionally, sharing the certification with your insurance company will help protect you if a liability claim is ever filed against you for not having a properly working fire alarm. You will be able to show that you had the system certified, and your insurance company will already have the record, allowing you to not be held responsible in the case of an injury or death due to a fire. Keep in mind that you also have to take other steps to keep your building fire safe but having a working fire alarm is one step to protect your business against liability claims due to a fire.

Smart Reason #4: Take Care of System Issues

Finally, the most important reason to get your fire alarm system tested and checked annually is that this allows you to discover issues with the system. A fire alarm system largely sits there, untouched, for most of the time. This can lead to parts decaying and issues developing that you would only be aware of if you get your system inspected or a fire occurs and your system didn't respond as you thought it would. With an inspection, they will not just make sure your system is working, they will fix any issues with the system.

When it comes to the fire alarm system for your business, make sure you get it inspected regularly. That way, if you ever need the system, it will be there to back you up. Contact a fire alarm service for more information.