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Hiring Security Officers For Your Event Or Function

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Large public events that have a lot of people in attendance can benefit significantly from having a security patrol and security officers that are extremely visible around the event venue. Many times, having a large security presence is exceptionally useful in deterring problems, and hiring security does not have to be difficult if you know what you need at your event.

Where to Get Security Officers

When you are ready to start hiring security officers for an event, you could hire people directly, but screening them and dealing with the liability insurance that you would need can be a lot to worry about. The safest way to hire security for your event is to hire a security service that will provide the officers you need for your event. 

The service most likely has a long list of people that are ready to go and have had all the checks before the event. If the state you are in requires security officers to have a license, the security contractor will make sure that all the officers they send you are in compliance and have the proper training to do the job when they arrive on site. 

How Many Officers Do You Need

Determining how many officers you are going to need at your event can be a little daunting. When you are working with a service to provide a security presence, they can help you decide where the security needs to be, how many security patrols you need, and if there are any specific jobs that you need a security officer for. 

If you need entry control, roving patrols, and parameter control, you are going to need quite a few officers on site. When you use a security company to provide security guards, the price can be set as one price for the event or so much per security guard, so you must discuss this and your budget with the security provider early in the conversation. 

Medical Care Providers

When your event is large enough that it can take time for medical care to get to someone who is injured or sick, you may want to hire security officers that are also emergency medical technicians or who have first aid training. The officers can be on the scene faster than EMT's in many cases because there are more of them, and if they can provide some care to the person until help arrives, a favorable outcome is more likely. 

When you are hiring security officers for your event, you should be thinking about preventing problems first. The officers should be a friendly face or someone people think of to help them, not someone to fear. 

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