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Reasons That A Museum Needs A Fire Suppression System

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It's easy to think that fire suppression systems are most necessary in buildings where there's a strong risk of fire. Restaurants, for example, need these systems because of the risk of kitchen fires. However, it's also important to know that a fire suppression system can be an asset in many other locations — including those that might not have quite as obvious of a fire risk. One building that should use a fire suppression system is a museum. If you're an administrator of a museum that will be opening in the near future, here are some reasons that you should contact a fire protection company to learn about what suppression system is best for your building.

Some Artifacts May Be Priceless

While the risk of a fire in your museum might theoretically be minor, it's important to remember that the cost of a fire could be massive. Even small museums have large quantities of artifacts, including many that hold a high value. Some artifacts may be priceless — perhaps because they're one of a kind or offer significant sentimental value to the community. You can't afford to risk damage to these artifacts. Having a fire suppression system like Echo Fire Protection can quickly quell any fire should one start, saving the valuable items throughout your various exhibits.

Museums Can Be Packed With Children

Museums are popular destinations for children, both on weekends when they visit with their families and during the week when they visit with their classes. Keeping your museum's visitors safe is paramount, and this is especially true when a considerable number of your visitors are children who might panic in the event of a fire and not know how to escape the building. In such a scenario, a fire suppression system would quickly contain the blaze to prevent injuries or deaths among your visitors.

Some Rooms Can Get Very Hot

Even if the overall risk of a fire in your museum is low, there are certain risks of which you should be aware of. A museum typically has a large computer network — not only will many staff members use computers, but there are also plenty of computers throughout the exhibits that display information and play videos. Because of this, your computer will have a server room. Server rooms can get extremely hot, and there can be a risk of the server overheating and starting a fire. A fire suppression system can quickly control this blaze before it spreads to the rest of the museum.