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Why Use A Bike Courier To Send A Package Across Town

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Do you find yourself frequently sending packages to businesses in your area? There is no need to schedule a pickup with a nationwide delivery service since it will often be more expensive and slower than hiring a local bike courier service. Here are some reasons to use a bike courier for those local deliveries.


Sometimes it can be much faster to dispatch a bike messenger when a package needs to get across town. If you live in a big city, traveling by car can actually be slower due to dealing with other vehicles. Bikes can often zoom past other vehicles at stoplights, ride in dedicated bike lanes, and even take shortcuts that are not possible with driving a car. Your package will get to its destination faster than any other option when you schedule a bike courier. 

Increased Productivity

Using a bike courier is going to speed up the entire process of trying to deliver a package across town. You don't need to put the item in a new box, print out special shipping labels, or do anything special in order to send it. All you need is a note with the recipient's contact information so the bike courier knows where to reach them. This means you stay productive by spending less time packaging up materials and dropping them off and can focus on your job.

Eco Friendly

Worried about how wasteful it is to send a package across town? You may not like having to use so much packaging material or even wasting fuel for a vehicle to drive the package across town. A bike courier is going to be the most eco-friendly way to send a package. That bike is not going to be releasing carbon emissions into the air, and there will be no need to waste packaging material to make sure the package can survive the sorting process at the post office. 

Easy Billing

Have multiple employees that send packages during the day? A courier service is going to make things easy for them to handle it on their own thanks to easy billing. You'll receive a bill for all of the deliveries that took place during the month, and employees won't have to bother with using credit cards or other payment methods in order to get the package out the door. You will then get an itemized list of all deliveries that went out that you can easily add onto the billing for the appropriate job. 

For more information, contact a local courier delivery service today.