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Security Officers Can Do Many Different Things

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Security officers can have a lot of different types of duties, depending on the location they are protecting and the challenges they face. They can help to protect people, places, and items. Their jurisdiction will only cover the location they have been hired to protect, but they do have some authority to protect the things they are supposed to protect that allows them to stop criminal activity they see happening and even place criminals under citizens arrest and hold them until the authorities can officially place them under arrest. Some security officers can use reasonable force with weapons when doing so is necessary to protect themselves or other people from physical harm. Here are some of the types of things security officers can be hired for: 

Government buildings - Government buildings often have security guards. The guards may stay posted at the entrance and they might even direct those who enter the building to pass through a metal detector to make sure no one enters the building with a weapon. Security officers can also patrol the building to make sure any threats are taken care of before there is an incident. 

Hospitals - Hospitals will often have security guards that can patrol the inside of the hospital, as well as the outside of the hospital. There can be a lot of threats at hospitals due to the amount of upset, drunk, and even mentally unstable people who tend to end up in the emergency rooms. Security guards know the red flags to watch for when it comes to spotting potential problems and dangers, so they can quickly prevent bad incidences before they happen. 

Sports games - There are also security officers who will patrol sporting events, as well as other large events. When it comes to sports games, there can be a large number of fans who can become angered over something that happens in the game and they can be so passionate that they get out of control. If this happens, then security officers will be there to stop problems before they get bigger. 

Businesses - Any business can have security officers watching over them. They can be there to protect people, equipment, merchandise, or anything else that may be at risk. The security officers may stand at the entrances of businesses, walk through the business space, patrol the parking lots in a golf cart, or sit in a room and observe what is going on from windows or on video monitors.