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4 Reasons To Install Impact Commercial Windows

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Are you looking to replace your old windows to improve your storefront's curb appeal? Your choices should be guided by more than visual appeal, but also other considerations including safety, energy efficiency, and noise reduction. Commercial windows made from impact glass tick all these desirable traits. Impact glass is becoming more popular, especially in areas that experience storms. What makes impact glass commercial windows the ideal choice?

1. Enhanced  Security and Protection 

Impact glass commercial doors and windows offer enhanced protection and security than normal glass. The glass is designed to take impact and distribute it to prevent the glass from shattering. It can withstand high winds during a storm. Unlike hurricane shatters, you install the windows once and forget them. You don't have to put them up and take them down every time there is a storm warning.

Impact glass also protects your valuables while maintaining curb appeal.  A burglar cannot shatter the glass with a baseball bat or crowbar. You can couple commercial windows with glass break sensors to make the security setup more robust.

2. Improve Energy Efficiency 

Replacing your old leaky windows with insulated commercial windows improves the comfort in your working spaces and keeps your energy bills low. It blocks out harsh sunlight in hot weather to keep the room cool and keeps heat in the building during cold weather.

Good quality insulated glass comes with an Energy Star rating. You can have different levels of insulation depending on your budget and custom options. 

Insulated glass also blocks out harsh UV rays that cause sunlight glare and radiation heat. In addition, it prevents furniture next to the windows from fading.  

3. Lower Noise Infiltration 

Insulated commercial windows improve the ambiance in the room. Besides keeping indoor temperatures friendly, it also acts as a noise barrier. The thick glass blocks most of the noise, while tight frame sealing reduces noise infiltration through air conductivity. 

Commercial windows make the building significantly quieter and more friendly for work. You can change the ambiance of a room greatly with insulated glass.  

4. Improve Curb Appeal 

Are your old windows looking dated with scratches, cracks, and stains? You can give your storefront a makeover with new commercial windows. They look better than hurricane shutters because they don't cover your windows' exteriors.

Commercial windows provide space for branding and other messaging. You can highlight various offers and showcase your products and services. Transparent commercial windows also allow passersby to see your wares.  

Are you looking to replace your old leaky windows? Talk to a glass installer about impact commercial window options.