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Warehouse and Distribution Upgrades to Consider for Security

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When you own a warehouse and distribution center, the security of those areas is vital. Not only are you housing products there, you are also likely to receive housing special orders from various customers or high-level clients. This means you will need more than a security guard team and alarms. Here are some of the ways you can upgrade your security and how they may benefit your overall security on the property. 

Keyless Entry

One of the leading ways to upgrade your warehouse security is to add keyless entry to your doors and access points. The keyless entry method is available in various options. The most common method is to use keyless entry cards. These cards can be swiped at various entry areas throughout the warehouse and property. They can be set to ensure that only the person holding the card can enter the areas they are authorized in. This is a basic upgrade that many locksmiths or security firms can install. 

RFID Badges

RFID allows not only your staff but also your products to be inventoried no matter where they are in the facility. Consider RFID badges as a form of tracking sensor. No matter where your people are in the warehouse or distribution area, you can find them. This is the same for the inventory. With RFID badges you can track the movement of inventory as it is processed through the system from storage to shipping. This adds a level of security by making sure you can keep tabs on who and what are on your property. 

Motion Activated Sensors

Motion-activated sensors can be used in various ways to help your warehouse security. The sensors can be placed on doors and used as a motion sensor when someone walks to the door or arrives at the door for entry or exit. During after hours and overnight, the same sensors can be used to notify your security team of unwanted or unauthorized people on the property. These sensors can be combined with camera systems to record the incident and give you a visual of the person if needed. 

These are just a few of the ways you can upgrade your warehouse security and distribution security as well. If you are ready to get started, contact your security contractor. They can discuss these options with you as well as others. They can also discuss fees and any installation questions you have. Once you have settled on the types of security upgrades you want, installation dates can be scheduled.  

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